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Antica Italia

Made in Antica Italia is the new internal development of the Locanda. This brand wants to represent the unique stile of living and enjoying time of Italians. A lifestyle forged by tradition and an environment which stimulate the production of all the beauty that are related to “Italy”.

Why Antica Italia (Ancient Italy)? Because we want to underline how the tradition is important for our national culture, but also look at the future and develop our hotel in order to meet the most of the requests of your clients, being as flexible as possible. Our vision as Inn and as “Made in Antica Italia” is to create the most complete experience, starting from a simple and economical Bed & Breakfast solution, and attaching various packages.

The new generation want to bring the familiar Italian hospitality to a new level, we want to create a new tradition with our clients: we promise constant investment to develop, step by step, the most tailored solution for our guests.

The underlying idea is to well diversify us from our competitors. We interpret our building just as a starting point, obviously never forgetting its importance, for the best vacation in our valley and into the beauty of Trentino.

The relationship with the tradition of our region is immediately understandable, from the breakfast to the wine proposed in our bar-winery, from the excursion in the majesty of the surrounding nature to the treatments at the Therms.

This is what we mean with Made in Antica Italia.

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